Kids Alive Preschool

211 Knox Dr.West Lafayette, IN
Phone: 7654637303Email: rmaule@covenantepc.orgWebsite: Visit Website
The overall goal of Kids Alive is to help your child’s first ‘school’ experience be filled with fun, song, dance, movement, discovery, and wonder surrounded by the comfort that they are loved. The teachers at Kids Alive believe in and use a whole-child approach to education which emphasizes physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual developmental stages.  All stages are considered equally important.  We believe it is important to help the children learn new things by allowing them to actively participate in a variety of activities.
All children require love, acceptance, guidance, faith, protection, security, and independence. We want to meet the needs of each child in a loving, sharing atmosphere.  Classes will be taught with a Christian perspective. We want your child to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, and to learn skills to prepare them for kindergarten. 
Our daily schedule is flexible, but includes the following:
Activity Centers, Art Projects, Circle Time (Pledge of Allegiance, Helper of the Day, Calendar, Weather), Story Time, Music, Snack, Playground, and Program.
We will learn as we play... to get along, to work together, to work independently
to share, to count, to explore, to recognize likenesses and differences, to express ourselves, to use new words, to learn about our world God created, to play and listen, to know God loves us!