Heartford House

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After alleged abuse, our goal is to help a child feel as comfortable as possible during their interview session. Imagine being a child who is taken away to a police station, having to sit in a room and have a bunch of adults ask you questions. Then only to be taken to another unfamiliar place to be asked the same questions. This could be a traumatic chain of events for a child.

Since the establis...hment of Heartford House, a child is now allowed to come to a friendly, neutral, home-like environment. Our multidisciplinary team works together to create a list of comprehensive interview questions that meets all of their investigative needs prior to the child’s interview.

Instead of the child being interviewed by several people, in our house, the child meets one person who just wants to talk with them. This interviewer is specially trained and interviews the child in a special, child-friendly room. This room is special because the entire multidisciplinary team can view the interview from another room while making the child as comfortable as possible.

To report child abuse and/or neglect please call 800-800-5556.