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It’s true. There is not a single perfect mom in the world. But in fact, there are more than a million good ones, because there are more than a million moms. And YOU were chosen specifically as the mom that your child needs. YOUR child was designed to be YOURS. And God doesn’t make mistakes. Yet we all are far from perfect, aren’t we? I can’t even count the number of ways I mess it up, every day. But does it make me a bad mom? Nope, just an imperfect one. And so I think we all desire to be the best mom we can be for our children, even though we’ll never achieve perfection. As we seek to become better moms, there are four critical things we must have to help us along the journey: WISDOM. Sometimes we just need some good, solid, wise advice on how to handle a particular situation. PERSPECTIVE. A word from someone who has been there, done that. A word that says, “This too shall pass.” Some counsel from a mom who has been through it all before and survived. ENCOURAGEMENT. A little bit of cheerleading to remind us of all the things we’re doing right, and that love for our children is the most important of all. COMMUNITY. Knowing that we’re not alone. Friends that know what we’re going through – whether it’s good or bad. Friends that will get it when you’re excited or anxious. This is what MOMSnext is all about. A place to get both practical advice and encouragement for the journey. A place to feel safe to explore what works best for you as a mom and for your family. A place to feel refreshed and energized to go be the mom your family needs to help THEM be their best. MOMSnext exists to encourage, equip, and develop moms in the phase of raising school-age kids. Through speakers, discussion time, and mentoring, we provide a place to help you develop your own parenting style and think through your own parenting decisions. We’ll never be perfect, but together, we’ll progress day by day to be the imperfect but beautiful moms we’re meant to be. If you’re a MOMSnext mom, you’re a mom with school-age kids. You lead a busy life. You want the best for your family. And sometimes what you crave most is some space – a safe haven. During this busy season of life, we all need a place to get away for a bit. To talk to other moms dealing with the same issues. To get some perspective from someone who has been through it all before. To learn from others. To just have the time and space to think about our families and lives. To be encouraged when things are rough. To celebrate the joys in life. MOMSnext provides that space to talk, to learn, to be encouraged. Ultimately, to be more intentional about how we live our lives and be the moms we want for our families. You won’t find a bunch of people have it all together or who only want to look good. You’ll find women who are authentic and transparent, dealing with the same challenges and joys of being a mom to school-age kids.