Spring Break Survival Guide

March 12, 2017

Spring Break Survival Guide

✿ Visit a new park 

✿ Enjoy skating at Great United Skates!

✿ Visit a museum

✿ Make your own ice cream or banana ice cream

✿ Try a new recipe

✿ Use sidewalk chalk to play games like hopscotch and tic-tac-toe

✿ Take a trip to the library

✿ Create a spring scavenger hunt

✿ Visit the Farmer's Market

✿ Take a hike along the river path

✿ Go Geocaching

Join Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

✿ Family Game Night

✿ Let the kids take photos and turn them into a movie.

✿ Backwards Day - dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. 

✿ Have a Silly String Fight

✿ Play Frisbee

✿ Finger Paint

✿ Make fruit smoothies

Make popsicles

✿ Roller skate in the neighborhood

✿ Go for a bike ride

✿ Have a dance party

✿ Have a movie marathon

✿ Learn origami

✿ Make paper airplanes

✿ Tie-Dye t-shirts

✿ Make puppets

✿ Plant a garden

✿ Have a tea party

✿ Create soap bubble art

✿ Use sight words in hopscotch

✿ Make thumbprint art

✿ Have ice cream floats

✿ Make paper plate crafts

✿ Make indoor s'mores

✿ Write and illustrate a book

✿ Make a marble run

✿ Make macaroni art

✿ Go feed the ducks

✿ Visit a pet store

✿ Skip rocks at the river

✿ Play Hide-and-Seek

✿ Research something fun like an unusual animal

✿ Make instruments out of coffee cans, pie tins, etc.

✿ Go thrift shopping

✿ Have a lemonade stand

✿ Have a spa party

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