Lunch Box Love Guide

February 25, 2017

Let’s face it, making lunches is a chore and kids get sick of the same foods.  Here are some tips to help you create some Lunch Box Love! 

  1. Purchase a fun lunch box, reusable snack containers, Ziplock bags, & bring back the retro Thermos!
  2. Make sure you include your child in the decision making.  Ask them to pick out items and meals at the grocery store with you.  Or better yet, leave them at home and make a list together.  A solo trip to the store is like a mini vacation, right?
  3. Try to include a protein, vegetable, fruit, and whole grain in each meal.
  4. Make the lunches ahead of time.  No one likes the stress of the morning routine so making them the night before is a stress reliever.
  5. Ask your child to keep all uneaten foods in their lunch box so that you will know what they are eating and not eating.  This will allow you to stop putting the same uneaten foods in their future lunches.  As a former teacher, I’ve watched students discard the same foods day after day.
  6. Before the lunches start to get boring, check out the links below for inspiration.
  7. Don’t forget to add a special, personal note or drawing to complete the Lunch Box Love!

 Check out these wonderful links for some creative ideas that will last all year long:

 Macaroni Made: Quick Grab Lunches - Easy Wraps

Macaroni Made: Quick Grab Lunches - Easy Wraps | Macaroni Kid 

Kid Sushi Bar!
Kid Sushi Bar! | Macaroni Kid 

Corn Dog Muffins
Corn Dog Muffins | Macaroni Kid

Perfect Pint-size Picnic

Perfect Pint-size Picnic | Macaroni Kid 

Healthy Flower Power!
Flower Healthy Power! | Macaroni Kid


Finally, this Pinterest page will really help you get some inspiration and give you some helpful tips to making healthy, creative lunches.  It even includes the 8 lunches in 40 minutes article!

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